Since establishment, Milton has kept focusing on expanding and extending its marketing reach, diversifying its offering of products and services. 

In order to accomplish this organizationally, a corporate structure topped by 'Milton Holdings International Ltd' was created. This arrangement allows for the better integration of our operations and creation of new synergies in service.

    Milton Group comprises of six separate but allied companies and nine branch offices in China. The broad scope of the business is divided into three main business areas: plastics division, recreation and structural protection division, and Joint Venture with KRAIBURG TPE GmbH.

  • Milton Holdings International is responsible for determining the Group's strategic development, coordinates business activities, and ensures a joint culture within the Group. Milton Enterprise Development is focused on market expansion, the development of new business, and the creation of new synergies.

  • Our plastics business is handled by Milton Plastics Ltd, Hong Kong Plastics (Dongguan) Ltd, Hong Kong Plastics (Guangzhou) Ltd, and Hong Kong Plastics (Shanghai) Ltd. They deal in famous brands of raw plastic materials, as well as provide technical support and thoroughgoing service. (for more information please visit our Milton Plastics website)

  • Join Venture with KRAIBURG TPE GmbH is the culmination of a longstanding relationship with our strategic partner, a German producer of thermoplastic elastomers.

  • Milton Technologies is another successful outgrowth of our cooperation with the KRAIBURG Holding GmbH. Milton Technologies is the exclusive distributor in China, Hong Kong and Macau for the products of KRAIBURG RELASTEC GmbH, a renowned manufacturer of PU bonded rubber floor and ground coverings. (for more information please visit our Milton Technology website)

The entire Group moves forward in the same direction through the sharing of common strategies, values, and goals. Passion and enthusiasm, palpable in all levels of the Milton group, drive us to set goals market expansion and achieve growth.

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