In 1990, we started our business as Milton Plastics in Hong Kong 

China was starting to accelerate her opening to the world, and we foresaw the growth in the need for highest quality plastic raw materials. Since then, we have grown in our relationships with valued customers and strategic partners, established ourselves as a leading supplier for engineering and high performance polymers

We broaden business scope by diversifying products. In 2005, we started a new line of business and moved into a new market by supplying high specification floor coverings and safety surfaces. Now we have achieved a honorable market share in Hong Kong and we are expanding Mainland market. Our valuable business partners include governments and NGOs


In 2007, we formed "Milton Holdings International Ltd"

The new structure empowers corporation to be a strong force for better operations and service. A very strong and solid typeface of organization’s logo exemplifies our strength as a group and the solid reputation we have earned over the years. Both are attributes we expect to build on in the future.

The graphic treatment of the “O” in our name is symbolic of our centralized organization, with various satellite offices reaching out to new markets and opportunities.

In 2015, we are celebrating 25th anniversary

Growing together with the market, customers, and manufacturers, we now a service and solution provider to our customers rather than a trader. We care about every project as much as our customers, which means service and support from start to finish.

We succeed, because our people support each other

The environment we create for them is one that balances openness with professional accountability. This balance and attitude has another benefit: it leads to trust. Our people, partners and branches depend on one another. They know a project solution can be found within their ranks, and rely on it. 

This in turn gains the confidence of our customers, who trust our depth of knowledge, experience and synergy. They always prefer to work with the Milton family.

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