• 2020

    -    Celebrates the 30th anniversary 

  • 2018

    -    Milton set up Hong Kong Plastics (Guangzhou) Ltd and branch in Xiamen

  • 2017

    -    Milton Technologies has become the exclusive distributor of GEZOLAN AG

         in China, Hong Kong and Macau

    -    Milton Holdings International Ltd awarded the 2017 Hong Kong Awards of

         Industries Upgarding and Transformation

  • 2015

    -    Reengineer our business processes together with a new and fully

         integrated ERP and CRM solution - a holistic management strategy to equip

         the Group for sustainable growth and development  

    -    Granted the"The 4th Outstanding SME Social Responsibility Award 2015"

         by The Mirror Post

  • 2014

    -    Milton Plastics eighth branch established in Wuhan, China; 

    -    Milton Holdings International is granted ‘Most Reliable Industrial

         Solutions Provider 2014’ award from The Mediazone

  • 2012

    -    Joint venture partner of Milton- KRAIBURG TPE TECHNOLOGY (M)

         SDN.BHD. doubles its TPE production capacity in Malaysia;  

    -    Milton Technologies Ltd started cooperation with Hong Kong’s

         government departments: Architectural Service Department (ASD)

         and Leisure and Cultural Service Department (LCSD)

  • 2010

    -    Granted ‘The Best SME Partners 2010’ from Economic Digest, and ‘Prime

         Awards for Eco-Business 2010’ from Prime Communications Ltd

  • 2009
    -    Mr. Bobby Liu, CEO of Milton is granted ‘Young Industrialist Awards

         of Hong Kong’ from FHKI

  • 2008

    -    Milton Plastics sixth and seventh branch offices are established on

         Changchun & Chengdu, China;

    -    Milton Holdings International Ltd becomes a shareholder of KRAIBURG

         TPE TECHNOLOGY (M) SDN. BHD in Malaysia; 

    -    Granted ‘The Best SME Partners 2008’ award by Economic Digest;

    -    Milton Technologies Ltd is the appointed flooring supplier for “Hong Kong

         Olympic Equestrian Venue”, “Beijing Olympic Sports Centre” and shooting

         range of Chinese government

  • 2007

    -    Milton Holdings International Ltd is created; 

    -    Hong Kong Plastics (Dongguan) Ltd is established;

    -    Granted the awarded the ‘Outstanding Entrepreneurial Management

         Awards’ by Capital Entrepreneur

  • 2006

    -    Milton Plastics fourth and fifth branch offices is established in

         Guangzhou and Qingdao, China

  • 2005

    -    Milton Technologies Ltd established as a new division specializing in

         Safety Mat for playgrounds, high-tech sports flooring, acoustic

         insulation of building industry and structural protection for construction

         field, appointed exclusive distributor of KRAIBURG RELASTEC GmbH in

         China, Hong Kong and Macau

  • 2004

    -    KRAIBURG TPE China Ltd is set up as a joint venture between Milton 
         Plastics and KRAIBURG TPE GmbH

  • 2003
    -    Hong Kong Plastics (Shanghai) Ltd is established as a marketing arm of
         Milton Plastics to handle domestic sales in China
  • 2002
    -    Milton Plastics third branch office is established in Tianjin, China
  • 1999

    -    Milton Plastics’ second branch office established in Shanghai, China

  • 1997

    -    Milton Plastics’ first branch office established in Dongguan, China

  • 1990

    -    Milton Plastics founded in Hong Kong

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